Narveer Tanhaji Malusare re-conquered the Fort Khondana (popularly known as Sinhagad Fort) from the Mughals. This Fort had a lot of historial significance in the Maratha empire. It is recoreded that Lokmaya Tilak built a bunglow here and did most of his writings from here. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Netajii Subash Chandra Bose also visited this Fort. This is one of the oldest forts built about 2000 years ago. It was first captured by Mohammad Bin Tuglaq in 1328AD. Although it has lost its charm over the years, historically it still stands tall.

From the Fort you get a panoramic view of the city below.

Sinhagad Fort
Entrance to Sinhagad Fort

How to reach?

By Road :

From Pune and Mumbai:

There are two roads leading to the Fort. One through an underpass at Sinhagad on the Pune-Bangalore highway and the other another 13 kilometers ahead which is a concretised road right upto the entrance of the Fort.

What to see?

The Fort has two entrance doors with a number of steps to climb. Once you are on top of the hill, you can see the scenic view below. Some of the points to see are :

Sr.No. Description
1 Amruteshwar Temple
2 Kalyan Darwaja
3 Tanhaji Kada
3 Different look out points

The Samadhi has been done very well with statues of the Maratha warriors depicting their bravery and style of fighting. It was quite refreshing to hear a rendition from some of the youngsters assembled at the samadhi.

Statues of Maratha warriors
Statues of the Maratha warriors at the samadhi
Statues of Maratha warriors
Samadhi of Tanhaji Malusare

Eating places

On account of the lack of visitor inflow due to pandemic, most of the shanties and stalls otherwise bristling with local food items, are closed. But some are still offering snacks and tea. All the public toilets are shut.

Matka Dahi speciality of Sinhagad
Matka Dahi speciality of Sinhagad Fort
Summing Up

For a history buff, this is one of the forts to visit.


Kalyan Darwaja of Sinhagad Fort

Kalyan Darwaja of Sinhagad Fort

One of the Watch towers

One of the Watch Towers

Samadhi of Tanhaji Malusare

Samadhi of Tanhaji Malusare

Entance to the Fort

Entrance pathway to the Fort