My grandson visited us from Mumbai and I wanted to take him to a holiday spot. After some search, I found Rutu Farm Agri Resort in Wai as an ideal spot for spending a day and night.

We set off from Pune at 10am on 28th March, 2023 and it is a 2 hours drive to Wai. We planned to have lunch at the resort. We reached there at 12.30pm [considering half an hour for the extra traffic].

They offer three types of rooms viz., cottages, royal tents and premium tents. They have 12 cottages, 2 royal tents and 4 premium tents. The resort is 13 years old spread over an area of 2 acres. Its speciality is that it is offered only to families and ladies.

Rutu Farm Resort Entrance
Rutu Farm Resort Entrance

Though the premium tents are costing a little higher, I preferred it and the preference proved to be right.

The premium tent was the right choice as it is very spacious and the interiors are superb. The premium tents have a small room inside the main tent with a queen sized bed for extra persons. There are 4 premium tents which are on a separate plot of land adjacent to the cabins and royal tents. The separation is on account of a water stream flowing between the two plots. The lush green grass and the surrounding trees provides a serene atmosphere to the tents. There is also a sit out with a table and chairs.

The resort is located on the road to Dhom Dam in Pasarni village of Wai Taluka of Satara District and is full of trees. In fact, during the day when the sun was shining brightly, it was a little dark inside on account of the dense trees.

Inside the main resort they have a play area for the guests which include an old scooter, an old autorickshaw for taking photographs. There are cots provided in the circle area for people to relax at any time. With the cool breeze blowing in the afternoons, it is the best place to relax under the sky. When you walk towards the dining area, the whole passage is filled with artefacts some of them imported from Australia and USA. These artefacts talk about the taste of the owners in providing a beautiful environment for the guests. There are also some hammocks in the play area where guests can relax.

The food was good both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The guests are asked about their preference of menu well in advance and the preparations are provided during breakfast, lunch and dinner. All items are made to order. Evening snacks, the options are limited. Food is charged extra with GST.

About 4.5kms from the resort there is Sahyadri Boating Club at Dhom Dam. They have speed boats and group boats. These boats operate in the dam waters which is quite large. Even in the month of March, the dam is full of water. It is also a pleasant experience watching sunset from the boating area. Among other activities they have horse riding and ATV ride.

The resort also provides a bullock cart ride in the mornings. It is an half an hour ride where the guests are carted on a tractor-trailer with seats to a distance of about ½ a km and shown the agricultural farm containing vegetables like brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, chilli etc and fruits like strawberries. In fact it is a farm for strawberries during season. We could eat some strawberries right from the plants.

The weather was quite cool and pleasant even though it is the month of March.

In short, our trip to this resort has been a fulfilling experience, which my grandson enjoyed a lot !