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About 30 kms from Pune and about 140 kms from Mumbai, in the village of Paud in Mulshi Taluka, Pune District there is this NatureCure Center nestled in the midst of greenery all around. The adjoining western ghat mountains provide it a cover and cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Their facilities include stay in cottages, a well laid out restaurant, conference hall, Recreation hall and Gym, Swimming Pool, Foot Reflexology, Meditation area where you will do meditation sitting on rocks, and a Turf Ground. They also provide various therapies.

You may contact them through their website or over phone 7502020268 / 9356167699.

Deham Naturecure Resort
The Resort
Deham Naturecure Cottages
Deham Naturecure Rooms
Deham Naturecure Dining Hall
Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology
Deham Naturecure Rooms
Meditation area


It is in this center that Diabetes Free Forever (DFF) holds residential camp once a month for people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and such similar disorders. Essentially DFF is not an usual clinic or hospital, but a mechanism to detect the root causes of your blood sugar (BS) and blood pressure(BP) and to reverse it. This may sound far fetching to some who are suffering from this disorder (it is not a disease) for years together after exhausting all remedies.

Believe me, it is reversible. A little sacrifice on the food front coupled with some exercises and relaxation of the mind daily could be the best medicine to lower your dosage of insulin or tablets. It has worked for me and it will work for you too. The institution is run by Dr.Bhagyesh Kulkarni, MBBS and leading Diabetologists and Life-Style Disorders Management Expert in India.

His revolutionary “Diabetes Free Forever” program, provides a One-Stop Solution for Lifestyle Disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid, Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Rheumatic Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, PCOD, and many more.

His programme provides a holistic approach that focuses on Physical, Emotional (mental) and Spiritual health. He has earned some prestigious awards like Sakal Idol of Maharashtra, Gobal Icon Award, Maharashtra Udyog Ratna Award, Bhartiya Ratna Award, PCMC Icon by IBN Lokmat, PCMC and Pune Rotary Best Diabetologist Award in recognition of his contribution to heal the people with these disorders. Having gone through his 5 day residential camp and online support through videos, I consider him to be a mentor to my physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Testimonial: I was diagnosed with Blood Sugar Level (BSL) of 253 (fasting) and 374 (pp) on 7th of June 2022. Since the BSL was high, I immediately approached a diabetologist for treatment. I was prescribed 2 tablets daily. I did not want to be dependent on medicine for the rest of my life. So, I started searching for an alternative. On Google search, I found this institution of Diabetes Free Forever headed by Dr.Bhagyesh Kulkarni. I approached their clinic at Chinchwad and the attending doctor walked me and my wife through their treatment, like Lifestyle change i.e., change in daily diet and exercises. The Doctor explained in detail why some of the food items are not allowed like sugar, milk, meat products, package products etc. and what type of food I should consume like food full of fibre e.g., salad, vegetables and fruits. By following the protocol advised by the doctor, within a span of 43 days I lost 9 kgs of weight between 7.6.22 to 19.7.22, which is remarkable. Much of my belly fat is gone. My medication has come down from 2 tablets a day to ½ a tablet a day and I am sure it will be discontinued within a short time because my BSL has come down to accepted levels.

Belly fat before DFF protocol
Belly fat on 6.6.2022 before starting the DFF protocol
Belly fat after DFF protocol
Belly fat on 26.7.2022 after the protocol

I have attended their 5 day residential camp on how to lead a healthy life by getting rid of disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid, and other such disorders from 20th July 2022 to 24th July 2022 at Deham at Paud, Pune.

Ms.Niharika receiving the participants
Reception by Ms.Niharika Shinde
Dr.Bhagyesh taking the session
Dr.Bhagyesh Kulkarni taking sessions

The camp essentially covers cleansing of mind and body through detox process, healthy diet, type of exercises to be done daily, how to release stress, and personalized medical consultation, both theoretical and practical.

participants for the programme
Paticipants of July 22 batch

The sessions on expressing Gratitude vs. Attitude, session on blessings and mind detox, session on regret, session on stress management, session on physical fitness and exercises including dance (Zumba), session on connecting to nature i.e., mother earth, to the sky, to the water is exceptional and the best I have experienced in my life.

Zumba Video

The sessions on gratitude to express thanks to those who have contributed to your life including family members (whom we normally take it for granted). The session on regret is quite emotional. The purpose is to detox our consciousness from all the baggage we carried for years together. This session lays emphasis on what it is to forgive someone and at the same time bless someone, which relaxes the mind and consciousness. This is one of the important factors for reversing blood sugar as also blood pressure.

The session on nature connect is something that cannot be described. You have got to experience it. Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni walks you along in connecting to mother earth, to the sky and to water. In this session he invokes the energy from all these natural elements. The meditation while doing so, is quite extraordinary. He also makes you meditate on rocks to digest all the energy that you invoked and received from nature. He taught me how to hug a tree, talk to trees and flowers, talk to the sky, talk to water and feel the calmness inside me. Oh, it was wonderful experience. Many of these sessions are backed by videos from different sources.

Its not only theoretical exercise but there was compeition as well. There was a salad competition among 5 groups and the excitement was at its height. There was also a snake and ladder compeition on the food items allowed for diabetic patients. The purpose of these compeitions was to revise the information on food items to be consumed or not. There were prizes also.

salad compeition
Salad Competition
snake and ladder compeition
Snake and Ladder compeition

In addition there were tropies for best group leadership.

Awards for the competitions
Awards & Tropies
best leader in the compeition
Best Group leader award
Victor Award
Victor Award - Pushkar Nimbalkar
Victor Award
Victor Award - Yogesh Patil
Victor Award
Victor Award - A G Aranha
Victor Award
Victor Award - Prashant Tapkir

Who is a Victor? One who has brought down blood sugar under accepted levels enabling reduced medication and insulin or even complete stoppage of medicines.

Have you ever seen blessings like this? Watch the video.


Dr.Bhagyesh Kulkarni is aptly supported by his staff.

Staff of Diabetes Free Forever
Staff of Diabetes Free Forever

I was fortunate to be among the ones to get connected to this institituion at the early stage of the disorder. For those who have endured this disorder for longer periods, the reversal may not be so quick but it is certainly achievable. Some of the youtube testimonials and Google reviews are in evidence.

Video of Diabetes Free Forever

Dr.Bhaghesh Kulkarni’s Youtube channel provides comprehensive videos on healthy life covering physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

His sister Dr.Chandrashree Kulkarni is a Thyroid & PCOD specialist. She has introduced “Thyroid Free Forever”. You can visit her Youtube Channel for more details.

Only thing at this moment is that the videos are in Marathi language (but the slides are in English) and he proposes to introduce videos in English shortly to reach out wider audience.

My best wishes to Dr.Bhagyesh Kulkarni to fulfill his dream of reaching out to 25 lac people by 2025.


If you have any queries, please refer to their website or contact 7770088000.